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Kazuto About

Created on August 1, 2020

Kazuto is a multifunctional bot in English, currently has more than 60 commands in total, which work correctly, the bot was developed by three people with a good knowledge in JS. We are currently working on the moderation and economy category. You can customize your profile using the ?profile setdescription or ?profile country command, we are making a good effort with this category. To get the bot help list use ?help - ?halp - ?h commands.

Website: http://kazuto-web.tk/

Support: https://discord.gg/Z6UYSQb3Xd

Prefix: ? (custom)


Help Panel

Hello, this is the help panel Interact with the menu to view bot categories Use the ?help < command > command to view detailed help for any command.

Actions Category

angry, baka, bite, clap, cook, cookie, cry, cuddle, feed, hi, hug, kiss, laugh, lick, pat, poke, scared, shoot, slap, sleep, smug, splash, spray

Belgian Waffle

Vanilla flavored batter with malted flour 7.50

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs, roasted red pepper and garlic, with green onions 7.50

Blueberry Pancakes

With syrup, butter and lots of berries 8.50

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